Sleep Apnea


What Happens During A Sleep Apnea Episode?

  1. The oxygen levels in your blood drops when air flow halts during an episode.
  2.  Your sleep is disturbed when your brain kick starts breathing.

This disturbance in your sleep is usually accompanied by gasping or a startling choking sound.

Depending on if you have obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea you may or may not remember these awakenings.

Sleep Apnea

Could You Be Suffering From Sleep Apnea?

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We know the importance of great nights sleep for you health. Waxhaw Dental Center provides our patients with a thorough sleep apnea questionnaire.  This documentation is valuable for determining further treatment for possible sleep apnea.  Have you already been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Has your physician prescribed a CPAP machine for you? If you are unable or willing to use you CPAP machine our skilled dentists at Waxhaw Dental Center can assist with an alternative to the CPAP machine under the discretion of your treating physician.

The body works together in amazing ways. The use of an alternative sleep apnea treatment than the CPAP can be life changing. If you are looking for a better nights rest to improve your health please call or visit our office today and find out more about Waxhaw Dental Center’s sleep apnea relief.

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