I Need a Crown, Now What?

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For many patients a crown will be recommended at some point in their lifetime. Dental crowns offer a great restorative option for patients with many needs and of many ages. Waxhaw Dental Center wants our patients to be informed about the necessary dental treatment including the need for a dental crown.

Your dentist recommended a dental crown for a very good reason. Dental crowns give support and structure to an often broken down tooth. Your tooth may have broken as a result of an old leaking filling. You may need restorative work due to a cavity that is too large for a small filling or you may have had a root canal. All of these are realistic reasons why your dentist may have recommended a dental crown for you.

When a small filling will not suffice, a dental crown provides structure to the tooth. The fabricated crown will cover the natural exposed tooth, giving the name you may be familiar with a “cap”. Covering of the tooth gives the broken down tooth the support it needs to sustain powerful force during chewing. Replacing a filling with a new filling is not achievable in some circumstances when the filling is so large it takes up the majority of the tooth surface. Replacing a filling with a new filling in these instances would likely end with a tooth fracture that is sometimes not able to be treated with a crown.

Crowns are strong and provide both aesthetic and functionality for your dental needs. Crowns can enhance your smile while providing the functionality needed. Your treatment for a dental crown will be broken into two appointments. The first appointment will be for the prepping of the crown. At this appointment you will leave with a well-crafted temporary crown from one of our skilled dental assistants at Waxhaw Dental Center. Your assistant will schedule your next appointment a few weeks out for the permanent cementing of your crown that has been fabricated in a dental laboratory prescribed by your dentist.

Still have questions about your need for a crown? Waxhaw Dental Center believes strongly in informing our patients and we are glad to answer any and all of your dental questions. Please feel free to speak with any of our dental team members for more information about dental crowns.

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