Teeth Whitening Is It Right For You?

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A beautiful smile is one of the first things people notice about each other. At Waxhaw Dental Center we hear from our patients how they wish they had a whiter and brighter smile. Are you hiding your smile? Have you considered teeth whitening at Waxhaw Dental Center?

Waxhaw Dental Center is proud to offer our patients in Charlotte and surrounding areas several teeth whitening options. What makes a great candidate for teeth whitening?

Individuals considering teeth whitening should receive a thorough dental examination by their qualified dentist prior to any tooth whitening service. Your dentist will check to make sure your teeth and gums are in good health. Your dentist may recommend specific treatment be completed prior to teeth whitening for optimal results. The dentist will also check the shade of your teeth prior to whitening.

Great candidates for teeth whitening will should also have no restorations on their teeth that show in their smile line. Teeth whitening systems only work on natural tooth structure. Your qualified dental team member at Waxhaw Dental Center will also discuss any restorations near the smile line to discuss whitening to try to match an existing restoration or possible dental restoration replacement. Sometimes, patients undergoing restorative treatment on their front teeth want whiter veneers, crowns, or dental bonding. Here at Waxhaw Dental Center we always encourage that our patients are happy with the current shade of their teeth prior to cosmetic dental treatment. This allows our dentists to match your white & bright shade to the new restorations. Following this recommendation of teeth whitening makes for a beautiful treatment sometimes considered an instant makeover.

Waxhaw Dental Center offers two options for teeth whitening, in-office whitening or take home trays. Both of our teeth whitening systems at Waxhaw Dental Center offer great results either instant or gradual. Our dental team members are here to assist with any questions you may have about teeth whitening.

Call today to see if teeth whitening is a great dental option for you 704-243-1122. We look forward to helping you achieve a whiter and brighter smile in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

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