Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy is the stabilization of periodontal disease through scaling and planing in conjunction with local delivery of an antimicrobial.

What does this mean?

Periodontal disease must be treated with the removal of plaque and tartar found in large amounts below the gum line. This treatment is commonly referred to as a deep cleaning.  Your hygienist and dentist at Waxhaw Dental Center will determine the best method of stabilizing your condition.

A deep cleaning may or not require anesthetic in the area of treatment.  Your hygienist will remove tartar below the gum line.  This removal also disturbs the bacteria below the gum line slowing the progression of the periodontal condition.

An antimicrobial may also be placed below the gum line targeting the microbial aiding in your condition. At Waxhaw Dental Center our antimicrobial of choice is Arestin.  We have seen great results using this in conjunction with scaling and root planing and stand behind this product in our efforts to stabilize periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease must be continuously attacked to stabilize or slow down it’s progression.  This means your experienced hygienist at Waxhaw Dental Center will develop a plan that includes more in depth and more frequent dental cleanings referred to a periodontal therapy.

Peridontal Therapy Waxhaw NC

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